Module 3 – Value in exchange, co-creation and in-use

Module 2 – Introducing the service logic

In my years in the telecom industry I have struggled with the thing we are talking about. What shall we compete about. The products are the same and only one can have the best price. So what remains, the experience! When I realized this I started my consulting business and started helping companies with deliver a greater experience to the customers.

Teamwork and Leadership with education symbol represented by two human heads shaped with gears with red and gold brain idea made of cogs representing the concept of intellectual communication through technology exchange.

Working as a consultant service is all we deliver. We are not using any secret methods. We are using our past experiences in combinations with a tools box. What I think is the key for success are co-creation with the clients.

When I worked in a big company I saw consultants come and go and what the left behind was often a big report that was throwed in the trash. What they proposed could not be implemented in the organisation. That why I think it is necessary to work close to the client do be able to deliver value.

The value of our services comes when the solutions and ideas are implemented and used. We want to solve things that deliver value and the say goodbye. Not place us in the clients processes forever. Sure that would be more profitable but we are always trying to live as we learn and deliver on our value proposition.




My namne is Patrik Berglund. I live in Vallentuna, just outside Stockholm. My academic background is in computer- and system science (Stockholm University) and I have also study some psychology.

I have spend 10 years in the telecom business, mostly working with product and business development. Started out as a usability designer and later I was more in to customer loyalty and developing the existing customer base.

Four years ago I left the secure big company world and started a consulting business Helpo. We help companies to create great customer experiences. We are trying to have a outside-in approach on everything we do. The effect we are trying to deliver is increasing customer lifetime value and loyalty (increased revenues and profits).

My motivation for taking this course is:

  • learn from the great guys at CTF!
  • to get deeper knowledge about the subject and use that to improve our consulting business.
  • meet some new people interested in the same subject.



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